Pet sitting service copenhagen

About us

High Paw! provides pet sitting services in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas in a genuine and personal environment. We know that every pet is a unique individual and thus we are well prepared to provide your animal friend the best possible care!

Our prices include:
- Danish tax and VAT
- professional and individual pet sitting care
- FREE guidebooks:
“ABC of The Right Nutrition for Dogs”
“ABC of The Right Nutrition for Cats”
“First Aid Guide for Dog Owners”
- commuting fees
- individual approach to every animal we have the privilege of taking care of
- 5% donation to support organizations that rescue dogs and cats*
- a guaranteed peace of mind from the moment we receive the keys to your property, through the terms of our professional and binding contract
*More about it in "About Us" section

Dog Walking / Cat Care

No matter the time of day, when your best friend needs to get out and stretch his legs, we’ll be there! We are available any day any time during the week. Did you know that most behavioural issues come from your pet having pent-up energy? Regular exercise is necessary to keep your friend healthy and happy! We'll also pay a visit to your cat and give it a companionship when you're on holiday.

Prices presented below pertain to services in zones 1, 2, 3.
For other zones we'll mostly charge 50 DKK extra for each visit.
Please contact us in order to find out if we'll charge extra for walking your doggie or visiting your cat. 🙂
Important note is that with us...Your second furry friend gets our care for FREE!


(incl. VAT)

Cat Care
150 DKK
20-30 min. visit
The price includes:
Litter box cleaning
Play time
Dog Walking
170 DKK
30 min. visit
The price includes:
Dog Walking
220 DKK
1h visit
The price includes:
Training if requested
Day Care
350 DKK
2h visit
The price includes:
Training if requested
Relaxation massage
De Luxe Doggy Package
4000 DKK
You'll save 400 DKK!
The package includes:
20 visits to use within 2 months-1h each visit
10% discount on 3 Overnight Stays/ 3 Boarding days
5% discount on our Grooming service

Overnight stays/Boarding

Here are the holiday options we offer to your dog and cat:

HOME SWEET HOME - Overnight Stays
Planning to be away for a few days, and taking your pets along just isn’t an option? One of our experienced and trusted pet sitters can visit and care for your pet in your home. While there, we can bring in the mail, water your plants, and honor any other request you may have to give your house the appearance of being occupied. The pet sitter will live in your house and stay overnight so your dog has the company throughout the whole night too .
Your pets will take comfort in being cared for in familiar surroundings, and you can rest easy knowing that your home is well-taken care of while you’re away.
If besides having a dog, you also have another dog or cat, you pay only for one dog-the rest of your "flock" will get our care for FREE!

BARKINGHAM PALACE – Boarding in Apartment in Høje Taastrup
Here we offer boarding for small/medium dogs and cats in a small apartment with a nice glass veranda which is a great observation spot and nice place to relax which our furry visitors just love!
In this option we also offer „facultative doggy trip” to Roskilde, if requested, for FREE 🙂

DOGGY PARADISE RESORT- Boarding in House in Hillerød
DOGGYLAND- Boarding in House in Espergærde
Let down the fur of your pooch on a holiday they can only dream about. Included in the stay, your doggie will recieve a beautiful garden to stretch his/her legs in, with the added comfort of endless access to the outside. Your pampered pooch will enjoy trips to the forest where they can say goodbye to city living and take in as much as nature has to offer, then come home and take a load off in the privacy of their very own backyard.

We provide individual care, snacks, toys and updates with pictures. At an additional cost, High Paw! also offers a valet service, and is able to collect and return your precious pooch to and from its home residence at a time most convenient for you. The cost of this service is 3 DKK per km.


(incl. VAT)

Overnight Stay
700 DKK
Day Care + Sleep Over
24h Stay
Boarding for Dogs
550 DKK- 1 dog
800 DKK- 2 dogs
Espergærde or Hillerød
24h Care
Boarding for Dogs
450 DKK- 1 dog
600 DKK- 2 dogs
Høje Taasstrup
24h Care
Boarding for Cats
300 DKK- 1 cat
400 DKK- 2 cats
Espergærde and Høje Taasstrup
24h Care

-  When booking more than 5 Overnights, we charge only 600 DKK for every extra day
- We offer Overnight Stays in many different areas in and outside Copenhagen- contact us for more info!
- In case of Boarding periods longer than 7 nights- we offer 10% discount on every extra day



Grooming for Dogs & Cats

As we aim at creating a comprehensive range of services, we decided to establish cooperation with a fledgling, yet very talented groomer, with whom we created a grooming offer for both dogs and furry cats. We offer commuting to customers what is already included in the fee.

Owners are most welcome to prepare a picture showing the desired result.
The only requirement is that your dog is bathed and dried (doesn’t apply to cats). Our wonderful groomer will take care of the rest 🙂

Write to us in order to find out the price.