Fireworks trouble

    It’s that time of year again! As we humans all enjoy the celebrations of welcoming in the new year, unfortunately for our furry friends, it’s not such a joyous occasion. It’s natural for our pets to be afraid of loud noises. A dog’s senses are much more sensitive when compared to those of […]

5 Advantages of using a Pet Sitter for your pet, while you are away

                                                                       We love being around our pets, however, unfortunately there are times when we just cannot be together all the time. […]

5 Games That Will Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

5 Games That Will Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind Dogs are smart animals, and just like people, they need activities to stimulate their minds. A dog that lays around the house all day bored, will become restless and has the tendency to misbehave, perhaps destroying something that is valuable to you (for example, shoes, furniture etc) […]

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