High Paw! Pet Sitting
Zuzanna Rybarczyk
CVR: 37895636


You are most welcome to contact us either by phone or by email:

Phone: +45 5025 3639 (in the period 27.10-3.11 you can contact us only by e-mail)

Right now we're having some technical problems with the mail box so if you're not able to contact us using this address, please write at:

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When arranging the first meeting, please include in the email the following information:

* Area you live in
* Phone
* Type, breed and age of your pet (s)
* Service which you're interested in (days, hours, frequency)

Please make sure that you've written the right e-mail address so we can get back to you! If we don't contact you within 2 days, please call as it means there must have been some mistake while sending the message 🙂