Fireworks trouble

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It’s that time of year again!

As we humans all enjoy the celebrations of welcoming in the new year, unfortunately for our furry

friends, it’s not such a joyous occasion.

It’s natural for our pets to be afraid of loud noises. A dog’s senses are much more sensitive when

compared to those of humans. Therefore, in the case of fireworks, these celebrations can be very

intense for our pets. The smell of the gunpowder, the flashes of light and the feel of the vibrations as

the fireworks go off can be all too much.

This time of year is when most pets run away from home, by trying to escape all of the commotion

from the fireworks. You need to take extra steps to ensure your pet feels secure and to keep them

safe. Also, keep an eye on your pet during fireworks and ensure that they are correctly identified.

Here are five steps, according to renowned dog whisperer, Cesar Millan on (2)how to keep your pet

safe when the fireworks start.



It is a good idea to prepare in advance, an alternative place for your pet to stay during the fireworks,

where there is not so much noise. To reduce stress on your pet, make sure they are comfortable at

this place. Perhaps before the fireworks are due, take your pet there a few times so they are familiar

there and can feel safe and comfortable. Take your dog for a long and tiring walk before the crazy evening starts.


If you’re unable to take your dog away from the fireworks, use a travel kennel for them to feel safe.

If you are unable to be there with them, have a friend or pet sitter look after them and keep them



You may be able to acclimatise your dog to the sound of fireworks if you begin this procedure a few

months in advance.

Acclimation can be achieved by playing the sound of fireworks to your pet softly, on a CD and then

gradually increase the volume. If you can play the sound before food, walks and play, your dog will

not only get used to the sound, but also associate it with good times.


You can use medication, thunder shirt or simply wrapping.

You must ensure they feel calm before introducing it, or it will not work. If you’re using a thunder shirt, your pet needs to understand that it

will make them feel calm. A thunder shirt is designed to slow breathing and will not work if your pet

is already breathing heavily. Therefore, this needs to occur before the fireworks begin. The same

goes for using medication. It will not have the desired effect if your pet is already at an anxiety level

of eight or nine. The best time to introduce these methods are before the fireworks are scheduled to



Dogs communicate through energy, rather than words. Because we are their pack leaders, they will

look towards us for clues on how to behave. We can reinforce this message to our dogs through

calming messages which will help them relax. You can also try TTouch massage which is a very effective way of calming your dog down.

It is also a good idea to take your dog walking before a fireworks event, as it will tire them out. Your

pets will be very thankful for your help in calming them during this instinctual stressful time.


Happy New Year’s Eve with your quadruped !

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