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About Us

Welcome to Studio High Paw! Pet Sitting

Hello, my name is Zuzanna and I am the owner of Studio High Paw! Pet Sitting 🙂

Animals like dogs and cats have been always a part of my life, thus I am very familiar with their behaviors and moods. I feel an enormous joy and happiness being able to play and take care of them, as well as meeting their owners and building friendly and trustful relationships with them. I am continuously developing my education and skills, so I can share the knowledge with my pet sitters, as well as provide our clients (both the two- and four-legged ones) the best service possible!

I am also a qualified dog behaviorist – you can read more about my qualifications and consultations HERE and on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

Why To Choose Studio High Paw!

  • A greater variety of pet sitting services than any other company in Copenhagen
  • Reliable service backed by glowing reviews by satisfied clients
  • Pet sitters trained and criminal background checks performed
  • Emergency backup pet sitters
  • Free advice on nutrition, walking gear and others offered by Zuzanna for all our clients
  • Peace of Mind, Security and Trust guarantee!

By hiring us, you can be sure that not only your pet, but also your house, is safe during your absence. We’re professionals that will respect your space, and demonstrate the upmost responsibility and reliability. With Studio High Paw!, you can have peace of mind that everything is left in good hands.

In case of your pet sitter’s sickness/holiday, we will easily and smoothly manage to replace her with another one from our team to perform all the tasks your regular helper was in charge of.

We support

We are the only such company in Copenhagen which is dedicated to providing a stress-free and nuturing experience for both you and your pet, while additionally supporting those organizations committed to rescuing and caring for those animals in need. We donate 1% of proceeds to Polish care groups who work hard to improve the lives of neglected animals in our community, and abroad. Let’s change the animal world for the better – together!

Our Partners