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Behavioral Consultations


Zuzanna, the owner of Studio High Paw! Pet Sitting, is a qualified dog behaviorist ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac. who includes in her practice a unique and compassionate technique of working with dogs called Tellington TTouch®. She travels the world to attend diverse workshops, courses and conferences to upgrade her knowledge about working with different behavioral issues.
She’s the author of articles for the dog portal psy.pl and creator of YouTube channel for Polish dog owners. You can also find her as a representant of Denmark in the book “Dog walkers all over the world” which can be bought here.

Zuzanna’s qualifications include:

• Pet First Aid Course (2016)
• GaSa Relaxation Massage for Dogs Workshop with Marta Mucha-Balcerek (2016)
• Dietics and Nutrition Standards in Dog and Cat Feeding (2016)
• ISCP Certificate in Canine Behaviour (2016)
• ISCP Intermediate Certificate in Canine Behaviour (2017)
• ISCP Diploma in Canine Behaviour (2017)
• Hands-on work in ”Unleashed Dog Day Care” in Worthing (2017)
• Seminar about clicker training with Kathy Sdao in Asperen, Netherlands (2018)
• Canine Nutrition Program at ANHS School, (2017-2018)
• IMDT 1 Day Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation, England (2018)
• Hands-on work and consultations with ISCP tutor and dog trainer Lizzie Morris in England (2018)
• Puppy Health, Care and Coaching Course, Canine Principles (2018)
• ”Leash Aggression” webinar with Kathy Sdao (2018)
• ”But my dog isn’t food motivated” webinar with Kathy Sdao (2018)
• Ttouch Companion Animal Workshop, England (2017)
• Ttouch Companion Animal Workshop in Johannesburg, SA (2017)
• Ttouch Companion Animal Workshop, Italy (2018)
• Ttouch Companion Animal Workshop, England (2018)
• Ttouch Companion Animal Workshop, Johannesburg, SA (2018)
• Ttouch Companion Animal Workshop, Taiwan (2018)
• PDTE Conference with Turid Rugaas, Vienna (2018)

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Private Puppy Class

Are you planning on adopting or buying a puppy? Or you’ve just welcomed one at your home? By providing it with the best possible start in life and bringing it up using the advice from Zuzanna, you can ensure it will grow into a healthy and happy adult dog. You will also find out how to prevent behavioral issues in the future- if every new dog owner took this consultation, there would be much less dog bite accidents and aggression issues that we see in so many dogs nowadays. Prevention is always better than treatment.

During the consultation, I will advise you among others:

– how to understand the dog’s language,
– on the right nutrition for your puppy
– on the appropriate walking gear
– what are the development periods your puppy will go through,
– what games will ensure the right development and brain stimulation,
– how to avoid behavioral problems in the future,
– how to build an amazing relationship with your dog
– how to decrease stress in your dog’s life
– why the relaxation is so important and how to keep your puppy calm

You’re also welcome to ask many questions during the consultation. And if more questions arise, within 1 month subscription you can contact me by e-mail as much as you want. 🙂

Behavioral Consultations

Is your four-legged friend struggling with a behavioral issue that you can’t handle yourself? Internet is full of confusing and misleading information and it can be easy to make the things worse when trying to solve the dog’s problems yourself. In order to manage the problem, it’s essential to look at the bigger picture, environment, diet, experiences and consider your dog as a unique individual. Zuzanna will help you and your furry friend regain their confidence and joy in life, as well as strenghten the bond with your dog. All the sessions include elements of Tellington TTouch® method.

The behavioral issues Zuzanna works with include amongs others:

        • separation anxiety
        • stress
        • fear of people/children/people/dogs
        • reactivity to trucks/scooters/bikes
        • aggression towards people/children/dogs
        • food/resource guarding
        • excessive barking
        • over-excitement
        • lack of training skills
        • fear of driving in a car
        • fear of thunderstorm/fireworks
        • lack of confidence

      My approach is completely individual and tailored to your dog’s needs. Without judgement, but with empathy. I will help you understand your dog and become his best friend. 🙂


The 1st session includes the thorough analysis of the environment and the dog’s behavior and the detailed notes with the plan of action sent by e-mail within 48h.
The number of follow-up sessions will depend on the issue of your dog- it will be estimated by Zuzanna after the first session.

1,5h-2h 799 DKK the first session
1h 499 DKK follow-up session