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Behavioral and Puppy Consultations


I am Zuzanna, the owner of Studio High Paw! Pet Sitting as well as Psiaki w Zen – Tu I Teraz – my Polish dog behavior consulting company. I work in Copenhagen as a canine holistic therapist who includes in her practice diverse methods and techniques of working with dogs. I don’t simply “train out” the behavior but I help you understand WHY your dog behaves in a certain way and how YOU can transform that behavior by addressing it holistically. 
During the consultations we go much deeper beyond teaching obedience and commands. We listen to the dog, we interpret its communication, we adjust to its needs. I show you also how important your own emotions and habits are and help you modify them so your dog’s transformation can actually take place. 

I’ve traveled the world to attend diverse workshops, courses and conferences to upgrade my knowledge about working with different behavioral issues. I’m the author of articles for the dog portal psy.pl and creator of YouTube channel for Polish dog owners. I also teach both in Poland and Denmark organizing workshops for dog carers and professionals. 

My qualifications include:

• Pet First Aid Course (2016)
• GaSa Relaxation Massage for Dogs Workshop with Marta Mucha-Balcerek (2016)
• Dietics and Nutrition Standards in Dog and Cat Feeding (2016)
• ISCP Certificate in Canine Behaviour (2016)
• ISCP Intermediate Certificate in Canine Behaviour (2017)
• ISCP Diploma in Canine Behaviour (2017)
• Hands-on work in ”Unleashed Dog Day Care” in Worthing (2017)
• Seminar about clicker training with Kathy Sdao in Asperen, Netherlands (2018)
• Canine Nutrition Program at ANHS School, (2017-2018)
• IMDT 1 Day Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation, England (2018)
• Hands-on work and consultations with ISCP tutor and dog trainer Lizzie Morris in England (2018)
• Puppy Health, Care and Coaching Course, Canine Principles (2018)
• ”Leash Aggression” webinar with Kathy Sdao (2018)
• ”But my dog isn’t food motivated” webinar with Kathy Sdao (2018)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop, England (2017)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop in Johannesburg, SA (2017)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop, Italy (2018)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop, England (2018)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop, Johannesburg, SA (2018)
• Ttouch Companion Animal Workshop, Taiwan (2018)
• PDTE Conference with Turid Rugaas, Vienna (2018)
• TTouch Conference and Advanced Training, Santa Fe, USA (2019)
• Aggression in Dogs, professional course with Amber Batson, Amsterdam (2019)
• Becoming Tellington TTouch Practitioner (P1) (2019)
• Running Tellington TTouch workshops in Poland (2019-2020) and offering consultations both in Poland and Denmark
• Becoming Canine Flow practitioner, England (2020)
•  Starting the course in canine acupressure with Tallgrass Institute (2020-…)
• Webinars about dog communication with Michele Minunno (2021)
•  Webinars and course in therapy of aggressive dogs with Wojtków Szkolenia (2021)
•  Puppy Power course with Amber Batson (2021)
•  Working with aromatics (herbs, essential oils) with animals – course with Essential Animals (2021-2022)

You can also check out my Polish Facebook page (and my reviews) to see what I do with dogs 🙂



Happy Puppy Package

I’m sorry, we don’t offer this service anymore. 


– 1 x 2h initial meeting and 2 x (up to) 1,5h meetings and individual approach tailored to your needs and proriorities 
– the opportunity to ask me questions by e-mail/WhatsApp between the sessions (you’re not left alone between our meetings) 🙂
– e-mail with the summary after each meeting, as well as links to toys/treats/other dog products which I recommend for your puppy

Transport fee is included (zones 1-2 and Taastrup) 
Other zones: 100-200 DKK

PRICE Please write me to contact@high-paw.dk or call: 50 25 36 39

Behavioral Consultations

I’m sorry, we don’t offer this service anymore.