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Behavioral and Puppy Consultations


I am Zuzanna, the owner of Studio High Paw! Pet Sitting and Psiaki w Zen – Tu I Teraz and I work in Copenhagen as a dog behaviorist who includes in her practice a unique and compassionate technique of working with dogs called Tellington TTouch®. I travel the world to attend diverse workshops, courses and conferences to upgrade my knowledge about working with different behavioral issues.
I’m the author of articles for the dog portal psy.pl and creator of YouTube channel for Polish dog owners. I teach both in Poland and Denmark organizing workshops for dog carers and professionals. 

My qualifications include:

• Pet First Aid Course (2016)
• GaSa Relaxation Massage for Dogs Workshop with Marta Mucha-Balcerek (2016)
• Dietics and Nutrition Standards in Dog and Cat Feeding (2016)
• ISCP Certificate in Canine Behaviour (2016)
• ISCP Intermediate Certificate in Canine Behaviour (2017)
• ISCP Diploma in Canine Behaviour (2017)
• Hands-on work in ”Unleashed Dog Day Care” in Worthing (2017)
• Seminar about clicker training with Kathy Sdao in Asperen, Netherlands (2018)
• Canine Nutrition Program at ANHS School, (2017-2018)
• IMDT 1 Day Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation, England (2018)
• Hands-on work and consultations with ISCP tutor and dog trainer Lizzie Morris in England (2018)
• Puppy Health, Care and Coaching Course, Canine Principles (2018)
• ”Leash Aggression” webinar with Kathy Sdao (2018)
• ”But my dog isn’t food motivated” webinar with Kathy Sdao (2018)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop, England (2017)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop in Johannesburg, SA (2017)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop, Italy (2018)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop, England (2018)
• TTouch Companion Animal Workshop, Johannesburg, SA (2018)
• Ttouch Companion Animal Workshop, Taiwan (2018)
• PDTE Conference with Turid Rugaas, Vienna (2018)
• TTouch Conference and Advanced Training, Santa Fe, USA (2019)
• Aggression in Dogs, professional course with Amber Batson, Amsterdam (2019)
• Becoming Tellington TTouch Practitioner (P1) (2019)
• Running Tellington TTouch workshops in Poland (2019-2020) and offering consultations both in Poland and Denmark
• Becoming Canine Flow practitioner, England (2020)
•  Starting the course in canine acupressure with Tallgrass Institute (2020-…)
• Webinars about dog communication with Michele Minunno (2021)
•  Webinars and course in therapy of aggressive dogs with Wojtków Szkolenia (2021)

You can also check out my Polish Facebook page (and my reviews) to see what I do with dogs 🙂



Happy Puppy Package

Happy Puppy Package gives you an amazing opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge regarding puppy care. In those few meetings I offer you, I will teach you the most important things you need to know if you want to bring up a confident adult dog. This is not going to be about teaching obedience but about learning how to build a relationship based on understanding your dog, its language and gaining trust. Many owners ask me how different this package is from popular puppy classes. On puppy classes you mainly learn how to teach your pup mechanical behaviors and obedience (sit, down, follow etc.), whereas during our meetings you will build the foundations which will give you an understanding on how to fulfill your dog’s needs, how to read her/his body language and this way- how to prevent behavioral problems in the future. 

This package includes 3 individual meetings.

On the first meeting we go through topics like:
– potty training,
– socialization,
– diet,
– fulfilling puppy’s needs, like sleep, chewing, play, rest,
– influence of your emotions and behavior on the dog,
– sniffing games and environmental enrichment,
– issues with biting. 

The second meeting is focused on (depending what will be your priority):
– walking on the leash,
– learning dog body language and communication with other dogs and surrounding,
– teaching the puppy to stay home alone
– recall.

On the third meeting we focus on one of the following areas (depending on your request):
– relaxation bodywork techniques/relaxation massage,
– teaching important cues: “leave it”, “wait”, “stay”,
– other areas you decide to focus on.

All of the sessions are aimed at showing you how to build a positive and strong relationship with your puppy and how to grow her/him into a confident and calm adult. 

On each meeting we focus on the topics which are most important to you and your puppy. This program is appropriate both for young puppies (2-4 months old), as well as teenager pups (5-7 month old). I adjust the topics according to your needs and requests.

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More reviews you can find on my two FB pages: 




– 1 x 2h initial meeting and 2 x (up to) 1,5h meetings and individual approach tailored to your needs and proriorities 
– the opportunity to ask me questions by e-mail/Whatsapp between the sessions (you’re not left alone between our meetings 🙂
– e-mail with the summary after each meeting, as well as links to toys/treats/other dog products which I recommend to get

Transport fee is included (zones 1-2 and Taastrup) 
Other zones: 100-200 DKK

Happy Puppy Package 2999 DKK

Behavioral Consultations

Is your four-legged friend struggling with a behavioral issue that you can’t handle yourself? Internet is full of confusing and misleading information and it can be easy to make the things worse when trying to solve the dog’s problems yourself. In order to manage the problem, it’s essential to look at the bigger picture, environment, diet, experiences and consider your dog as a unique individual. Zuzanna will help you and your furry friend regain their confidence and joy in life, as well as strenghten the bond with your dog. 

The behavioral issues Zuzanna works with include amongs others:

        • separation anxiety
        • stress
        • fear of people/children/people/dogs
        • reactivity to trucks/scooters/bikes
        • aggression towards people/children/dogs
        • food/resource guarding
        • excessive barking
        • over-excitement
        • lack of training skills
        • fear of driving in a car
        • fear of thunderstorm/fireworks
        • lack of confidence



“I learned how to calm Ago down with different TTouch techniques and how to use the leash when I am walking with him. I also received a lot of information on nutrition and games for Ago. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge, and I really like how many tips she gave me. She always had some new information for me. First of all, Ago is more quiet at home now and he doesn’t bark as much when a dog passes our window. Most times he doesn’t bark at all when a dog passes. Second of all, I know how to re-direct him when a dog is coming when I am walking him.” – Caroline B.***

“Zuza is an amazing person, very warm and open-minded, who truly loves all kinds of animals and would do everything for them. She was very helpful and uplifting when dealing with separation anxiety of my adopted dog. I enjoy each and every time talking with Zuza and learning from her all kind of useful information and advice about dogs. If you deal with any dog behavior problems, she is definitely the one you should contact.” – Aleksandra M._______If you’d like to know the details of this service, feel free to call me on +45 50 25 36 39 or send an e-mail ([email protected]) so I can get to know your needs and tailor this package to you and your puppy. :)All my reviews (both in English and Polish) you can find on my two FB pages: STUDIO HIGH PAW


The 1st session includes the thorough analysis of the environment and the dog’s behavior and the detailed notes with the plan of action sent by e-mail within 48h.
The number of follow-up sessions will depend on the issue of your dog- it will be estimated by Zuzanna after the first session.

We need at least 2 sessions to see results, in some cases it will be 3-4 sessions depending on the case. Every dog is different and has different needs 🙂

Transport fee is included (zones 1-2 and Taastrup) 
Other zones: 100-200 DKK

If you’d like to talk to me before booking the appointment, call at 50 25 36 39 🙂

First session (up to 2h) 1499 DKK
Follow-up session (up to 1,5h) 899 DKK
Package (3 sessions) 2999 DKK (you're saving 297 DKK!)
Phone consultation (1h) 499 DKK
Session extension (30/60 min) 199/299 DKK