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Dog Games: 5 Games That Will Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

Written by Editor on September 27, 2018

Wondering if dog games are necessary at all? As you probably know, dogs are smart animals, and just like people, they need activities to stimulate their minds. A dog that lays around the house all day bored will become restless and has the tendency to misbehave, perhaps destroying something that is valuable to you (for example, shoes, furniture, etc.) and of course, we don’t want that! Dogs enjoy playing, and by playing with our dogs, we enhance their mental, physical and emotional health.

Dog Games

There are many different dog games you can get your to dog to play along. However, some very vital ones will help stimulate your pet’s mind. So, for your needs, this article presents to you five games that will stimulate your dog’s mind.

Let’s begin!

Five essential dog games

The Name Game

This is a great game for your dog. It involves throwing them a variety of stuffed animals and rope toys, and telling them which one to want return.  Every time they return with the correct one, you give them a tiny treat as a reward.  This is necessary so they do not put on too much weight as we keep playing. It also helps to encourage them.

Dog Games

This game will stimulate their mind, because they need to think about which toy is which, in order to receive a treat. The dog won’t pick up the name instantly, so you need to repeat the name of the toy about 20-30 times, or maybe even more. This is because different dogs have different learning abilities. Once your dog has learnt a few toy names, throw in some different toys for them to learn new names. By taking it a step further, you can even see if they could collect the toy from a small pile of toys when you say the name of a toy.

Ring Stackers

This game can take a while to perfect, so be patient. You can buy rings that are wooden with natural dyes. The ring stackers game teaches dogs co-ordination by placing each ring through a pole. This video demonstrates how to play.

Shell Game

Dogs have a great sense of smell. The Shell Game allows dogs to use this sense of smell. To play, you need two cups. Place a small treat under one of the cups, while your dog watches. Then, let your dog turn over the cup that they think the treat is under. If they choose the correct cup, the can have the treat. If not, let them watch again as you place the treat under the cup and give them another go. To make it a little more difficult for your pup, try switching the cups around once you have placed the treat under one of them. This requires serious thinking on the dog’s part. The dog also uses his eyes and nose to choose the right cup.

52 Toy Pickup

This is another top game among the different dog games. This game involves your dog picking up after itself! It works by asking your dog to pick up a toy, and putting it away in a basket or box. While learning the rules of the game, each time your dog puts away a toy in the box, give them a treat. Then every two toys, give a treat, and then every three toys a treat, until all the toys are cleaned up and it can just receive one treat at the end. Here is a video that demonstrates the game.

Red Light Green Light

This game is for enthusiastic dogs that need more self-control in certain situations, and trains them to focus and pay attention. When you say ‘Green Light’, the dogs can play as much as it likes, but as soon as you say ‘Red Light’, the dog must calm down. Here is a video that gives a demonstration of the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game.

Your dog will appreciate the stimulation that these games provide, and I’m sure you will as well, when they don’t go searching for your favorite pair of shoes to chew out of boredom. I hope you enjoy playing these games with your dog, and please feel free to leave any comments on any other games that you think are beneficial to stimulating your dog’s mind.

See you next time!