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Dog Home Boarding

This holiday option which we offer is individually tailored to your pet’s needs.
We aim to ensure that your dog will avoid the stress of being in a „dog hotel” or other boarding facility while you’re away.
We take care of your pet in a family environment, in the private home of one of our pet sitters with no other dogs around.

This service includes:
• Individual care in a pet sitter’s place and treating your dog as her own
• 3-4 walks throughout the day, feeding, play&cuddle
• Following all the requirements regarding their feeding routine
• Daily updates with pictures/vidoes
• FREE treats and toys offered to your dog can during the stay 🙂

* Pick-up and Drop-off is possible for an extra fee of 249 DKK (between 8 am and 8 pm).
It doesn’t include the cost of the train tickets (required for dogs not being in a bag)/taxi.

We don’t recommend Boarding for cats as it seems to stressful to them and can even contribute to sickness due to being relocated. Please consider Cat Sitting or Overnight Stays for Cats services instead 🙂

One dog 549 DKK/night
Two dogs or dog&cat 699 DKK/night

IMPORTANT: Boarding day is counted up to one full day, e.g. if the service starts at 10 am, the given amount will cover the care period until 10 am on the next day; any extensions up to 8 pm will be charged 249 DKK.