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Dog Home Boarding – Alternative for Dog Kennel?

Written by Aga on September 8, 2018

Currently, the most popular holiday option chosen for dogs and cats is booking for them a spot in a pet hotel where its employees take care of them while their owners are away. They usually live in a cage and dogs get around two walks a day. Is this the only solution for your furry friend to spend time while waiting until you’re back from vacation?

Not every owner is fond of leaving their pet in a boarding facility. For instance, if it’s rescued, being in such a place might resemble a shelter it was once taken from. Fortunately, there are more and more alternatives which might seem more appropriate for your pet. I’m going to present them in this article.

Overnight Stays

One of them is a service called Overnight Stays. It’s a solution already very popular in U.S. and England which is gradually becoming more known and used in other countries as well. It works in the way that a person who’s hired for the job lives with a pet in the owner’s house for the whole period of their absence. She stays overnight with them and takes care of them during the day. It brings a lot of benefits for animals, especially cats. They find changing their environment a stressful event. It also gives them a sense of security and comfort, as well as peace which comes with not being forced to be kept in a place full of constant barking or meowing.

Advantages of Overnight Stays

Another benefit is that you are not exposing the animal to sicknesses like kennel cough or parasites which it can catch when being with others. The person can focus completely on your pet, making sure their daily routine stays unchanged as much as possible in terms of walking times, diet and exercise. For you, it’s also very convenient as you don’t have to worry about how to transport your pet to and from a facility. It also gives you the comfort of knowing that you have someone to keep an eye on your house. She can also take care of other tasks like watering the plants, bringing in mail and turning lights on and off. There are also other special requests you can have to your pet sitter.

dog home boarding

Of course, what comes with it’s hiring a strange person who you must fully entrust with your beloved pets and property. Yet when using a professional pet sitting company, you have a guarantee that it does a criminal background check on the assigned pet sitter and that he/she is an experienced professional who respects your privacy and takes his/her job seriously. If you have a shy, nervous or rescue animal, this solution might be literally life-saving when deciding on a care option for it.

If Overnight Stays feels like too much for your cat, you should consider a Cat Sitting service. A person simply comes to your house once or twice a day to feed, clean, and play with your furry.

Dog Home Boarding

Another alternative is boarding, which means that a pet sitter takes care of your dog in her own house. Very often it’s  the only animal in the place. We don’t recommend it for cats as they are creatures that don’t like to change their surroundings very often. It can be an amazing adventure though for dogs which love discovering new places and getting to know new people. They can enjoy new walking routes and smells, as well as spend their holiday in a family environment.

These options are literally like your pet having their holiday while you’re having yours.

Studio High Paw! offers both Dog Home Boarding and Overnight Stays which are performed by trained and insured pet sitters.