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Dog Sitting

Planning to be away for a few days, and taking your pets along just isn’t an option?
Your pets will take comfort in being cared for in familiar surroundings, and you can rest easy knowing that your home is well-taken care of while you’re away. One of our experienced and trusted pet sitters will visit and care for your pet in your home. While there, she can bring in the mail, water your plants, and honor any other request you may have to give your house the appearance of being occupied.

Please check our cancellation policy before booking this service 🙂

OVERNIGHT STAY- Dogs/multi-pet households

This package includes:
• Individual care from the evening until the morning plus midday visit with a walk in the safety and comfort of your own house
• Feeding, play&cuddle, home care, staying overnight with your dog
• An update each evening so you know how much fun your pet has had during the day with our pet sitter
• FREE extra services: watering plants and bringing in the mail
•  Perfect alternative to a boarding facility for multi-pet households!

We offer both short (a few days) and long-term (over a week) Overnight Stays!

When booking more than 7 nights- each extra one is 10% cheaper!

Up to 2 pets 699 DKK/night

*We offer Overnight Stays in many different areas in and around Copenhagen
*Special medical care, visits to the vet, trimming nails and grooming are available, but these are extra chargeable services

IMPORTANT: Overnight Stay is counted up to one full day, e.g. if the service starts in the midday, the given amount will cover the care period until the midday visit on the next day; any extensions to another walk/visit will be charged 249 DKK.