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Interactive Cat Games Ideas for Playing With Your Cat

Written by Editor on October 31, 2018

Do you want to play with your cat, but don’t know any cat games you can deploy? Dogs have a much higher playtime profile – e.g. obstacle courses, Frisbee competition, etc. – cats are a bit more reserved. They are more comfortable playing on their own and are prone to boredom from time to time. However, you can get involved whenever your cat is in a playful mood.

In this guide, you will find a compilation of interactive cat games and exciting ideas for playing with your cat. These games are highly beneficial to your cat as they can help in preventing your feline companion from tearing up your plants, furniture, and other objects in your home.

The games will also prevent your pet from disturbing you at inappropriate hours of the night or day. Without wasting your time, here they are:

Feather and String

If your beloved is always bursting with energy at all times, this game is perfect for your pet. You can get a stick or small rod, a feather, and a string. The rod will serve as a wand.

Entice your kitty by waving the wand over her head so that she jumps to grab hold of the flying object. You can spice the game up by pulling the wand slowly out of your cat’s view, thereby prompting her to pounce on the object under furniture or around corners.

Make sure you have enough open space to bounce around. Remove all valuable objects from the area.

Cat Toys

You can create cat toys using everyday objects around your home. Cats can play with cotton reels, cardboard boxes, and even balls. They can, however, get bored quickly, so endeavor to swap the cat toys from time to time.

Cats also prefer playing with certain types of toys such as light-reflecting toys or toys that move erratically. Toys that look similar in shape and size to their prey such as birds and rodents also attract the attention of cats.

Cats love running around and mostly love toys that they can pounce on, bat with their paws, and chase

Interactive Puzzle

You will need an old shoe box, some of your cat’s favorite toys, and treats. Get a knife and cut holes of different sizes into the shoebox. Then fill the shoebox with catnip, treats, and cat toys.

Close the shoebox and secure the lid with a bit of tape. Place the box on the floor and let your kitty have a go at the shoebox to liberate the goodies inside.


This game helps to let loose the predatory nature in cats. You will need to be very active in this one by hiding out behind a bed, couch or desk. Your kitty will stalk you just like you were her prey.

Crumpled Paper – There is something about crumpled paper that makes it irresistible to cats. Get a piece of paper, crumple it into a ball, and roll it across the floor. Cats love the sound of crumpled paper just as they love chasing after the ball.

But when you’re done playing or when the cat is tired, please take the paper away from her or else, you will have a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards.

These are just a few cat games/ideas you can implement to keep your feline companion active and fascinated most of the time.

You can always let High Paw! team play with your cat when you’re not home. Simply schedule a cat sitting service and we’ll be thrilled to do that for you!