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Pet Nutrition: What your dog expects you to know about!

Written by Editor on September 28, 2018

When it comes to feeding your favorite little furry friend each night, what is it that ends up on their plate? Are they getting the proper “pet nutrition” to keep them happy, healthy and lean?

Pet nutrition


Unfortunately, animals cannot speak to tell us how they are feeling. However, the signs that they show us will be evident if they are not getting the correct nutrition. If your pet is being malnourished, signs that you may need to change its diet could result from a dull coat, poor dental hygiene and a lack of energy.

Improper Pet Nutrition and its Effect

Improper nutrition for your pets may lead to multiple health issues that can shorten their lifespan. According to pet nutrition blogger RODNEY HABIB, dogs have a higher rate of cancer, more so than any other mammal. Today their life span is 11 years, unlike in the 70’s when a dog was expected to live to age 17. Most of these changes are down to diet, among other factors such as lack of exercise, obesity and other environmental factors.

Let’s look at some specific effects caused by improper pet nutrition, and what you should avoid feeding your dog.

Not able to defend themselves from illness

If your dog is malnourished, they are less likely to be able to defend themselves from illnesses, along with their ability to recover from illness, even if they are only minor. Malnourished dogs may also become too thin, which increases their risk of gaining arthritis. This is due to the lack of fat surrounding their joints.


Poor quality food is thought to be the cause of cancer developing in dogs and cats. Research shows that dogs fed green leafy vegetables at least three times per week are 90% less likely to develop cancer than other dogs that do not have these vegetables included in their diet.

You should note that dogs and cats have different digestive systems to humans. So what you choose to eat for yourself will not always be good for your dog or cat. It’s always tempting to want to spoil your pet when they look so lovingly at you while you are eating that slice of cake. However, some of the things that we eat as humans can be toxic to dogs and cats. This could cause them to become very ill and may even cause death.

Not even all vegetables can be consumed by dogs. Here is a list of what is safe and unsafe for your dog to eat.

Some herbs are also good for dogs, due to their high antioxidant properties, and can help in maintaining fresh breath and even help to soothe upset stomachs. See a list of herbs that could be beneficial to your pet.

So, if your beloved pet starts showing the signs and symptoms of malnourishment, please re-assess what you are putting in their bowl each night so that little Fido can start smiling again. And don’t forget that exercise and providing enough drinking water at all times are just as important as diet in contributing to the health and wellness of your four legged friend!

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