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Services and Prices

Workshops and Lectures

Would you like to organize Zuzanna’s workshop/lecture in your vet clinic, grooming saloon, training school or other place to educate your clients and staff about dog behavior and Tellington TTouch® method? Or you have an interesting idea for a cooperation in this field?

Zuzanna does workshops regarding gentle dog handling dog behavior, including topics like: anxiety, aggression, reactivity, fear and others, based on positive training methods. Her focus is on the method called Tellington TTouch® which you can read more about HERE. She travels the world to upgrade her knowledge learning from the best teachers, like Linda Tellington-Jones, Turid Rugaas and Amber Batson.
Her passion and mission is to spread the right information with hope that myths which are still present in dog training world will stop being popularized.

You can read more about Zuzanna and her qualifications HERE.

Contact us for more details:
50 25 36 39 or [email protected]

Dog Sitting (Overnight Stays)

Planning to be away for a few days, and taking your pets along just isn’t an option?
Your pets will take comfort in being cared for in familiar surroundings, and you can rest easy knowing that your home is well-taken care of while you’re away. One of our experienced and trusted pet sitters will visit and care for your pet in your home. While there, she can bring in the mail, water your plants, and honor any other request you may have to give your house the appearance of being occupied.

Please check our cancellation policy before booking this service 🙂

OVERNIGHT STAY- Dogs/multi-pet households

This package includes:
• Individual care from the evening until the morning plus midday visit with a walk in the safety and comfort of your own house
• Feeding, play&cuddle, home care, staying overnight with your dog
• An update each evening so you know how much fun your pet has had during the day with our pet sitter
• FREE extra services: watering plants and bringing in the mail
•  Perfect alternative to a boarding facility for multi-pet households!

We offer both short (a few days) and long-term (over a week) Overnight Stays!

When booking more than 7 nights- each extra one is 10% cheaper!

Up to 2 pets 699 DKK/night

*We offer Overnight Stays in many different areas in and around Copenhagen
*Special medical care, visits to the vet, trimming nails and grooming are available, but these are extra chargeable services

IMPORTANT: Overnight Stay is counted up to one full day, e.g. if the service starts in the midday, the given amount will cover the care period until the midday visit on the next day; any extensions to another walk/visit will be charged 249 DKK.



Cat Sitting

When you’re on holiday, we’ll pay a visit to your cat or small pet to provide it with companionship. We offer short and long home visits around Copenhagen. This service includes feeding, playing, cuddling and cleaning the litter box/cage.

UPDATE provided after each visit!
FREE plant watering if requested.

Please mind we charge 99 DKK extra/visit in the period 24.12-1.01 and Easter time.

First meeting with your cat sitter is FREE, yet when you book the service with the same sitter again or you book less than 4 visits, we then offer you using our Sharebox (key box located near the central station) or a personal meeting for keys pick up for 125 DKK. 

Please check our cancellation policy before booking this service 🙂

30 min 199 DKK
50 min 249 DKK


This package includes:
• Individual min. 12 h care from the evening until the morning in the safety and comfort of your own house
• Feeding, play&cuddle, home care, staying overnight with your cat
• Cleaning/changing the litter box
• An update at the end of the day so you know how your cat is going

2 Cats/cat and small pet 549 DKK/night

Dog Sitting

Whatever the time of day, when your best friend needs to get out and stretch their legs, we’ll be there! We are available on any day and at any time during the week. Did you know that most behavioural issues come from your pet having pent-up energy? Regular exercise is necessary to keep your friend healthy and happy! Play and cuddle included.
We’ll be happy to help with any breed as we love them all!

We don’t offer regular dog walking! This service is available only if you need a dog walker for certain dates.

This option is also great if you’re visiting Copenhagen as a tourist and need a dog sitter for a few hours while enjoying a dinner at a restaurant or planning a day in Tivoli! Or if you simply need a sitter to stay with your puppy or adult dog while you’re at work. Just let us know how many hours you’ll be away and we’ll take care of your dog in your hotel room or apartment for a few hours.

* Please mind that we don’t support using inhumane equipment like e-collars and choke collars so we will either use our own or offer you a FREE advice from our behaviorist who will be happy to help you choose safe and harmless gear for your dog. 🙂

*Second dog is charged NOTHING 🙂

*Zones we operate in: Sydhavn, Amagerbro, Christianshavn, Vesterbro, Frederiksberg, Islands Brygge, Østerbro, Nørrebro, Høje Taastrup

Please check our cancellation policy before booking this service 🙂

30 min 249 DKK
1h 349 DKK
Hourly dog sitting (over an hour) 199 DKK each extra hour

Gift Vouchers/Discounts/Extra fees



Would you like to offer someone a gift voucher on one of our services? Write us at [email protected] for details! 🙂


* Please mind that all our services are charged extra during Christmas and New Year period (24.12-1.01) and Easter:
– 99 DKK/visit extra
– 249 DKK/night more (Boarding and Overnight Stays)

* We charge 49 DKK extra per visit in case of:
– Dog Walking and Cat Sitting scheduled before 9:00 or after 17:00
– Service offered in zones other than 1 & 2

* We offer 10% discount on every extra night/visit if you book more than 7 nights (in case of Boarding and Overnight Stays) or 10 visits (in case of Cat/Small Pet Sitting).