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High Paw! Pet Sitting Terms & Conditions


High Paw! Pet Sitting is a company operating within Copenhagen and the surrounding areas
offering professional pet sitting services provided by experienced and reliable pet sitters, like: dog walking, cat sitting, boarding of dogs and cats, overnight stays with pets and grooming.
Besides, High Paw! donates 5% of proceeds to Polish organizations that rescue dogs and cats.
(you can find more information on www.high-paw.dk)


Pet Owner will provide keys and entrance details to assigned Pet Sitter to be used for the duration of the pet sitting. Pet Sitter will take appropriate care of residence where the pet lives during Pet Owner’s absence. Pet Sitter will be responsible for the holding of the keys and will not provide access or information to third parties. Pet Owner must notify Pet Sitter if additional parties have access to the property during the time of Pet Owner’s absence. Pet Sitter will not be held liable for damage caused to residence or to the pet by others who have access. Additionally, Pet Sitter is not liable for damage done by the pet to the interior or exterior of residence when Pet Sitter is not present. High Paw! Pet Sitting does not offer an insurance in case of a key loss, however, pays 300 DKK compensation to Pet Owner. Please note that there will be an 65 DKK fee charged if Pet Sitter must pick up or drop off the keys before or after the next service session.
The first session with your pet sitter is free, and each subsequent session costs 65 DKK.


In the event of an emergency, Pet Owner authorizes Pet Sitter or High Paw! representative to seek first aid and veterinarian services as necessary. Pet Sitter will cover all expenses for transportation and initial care. Pet Sitter shall retain and submit all receipts for expenses incurred. If pertinent, Pet Owner will provide specific medical information for pet and preferred veterinarian information to High Paw! at the time of scheduling. High Paw! charges an extra fee for taking your pet to the vet: 200 DKK/hour (only if it is not caused due to Pet Sitter’s neglect).

In Denmark, there is no insurance offered for pet-sitting companies, so High Paw! does not offer any form of insurance for the pets under its care. Owners are advised to insure their pets with a proper insurance companies before a service begins.

If pertinent, Pet Owner will provide specific medical information for pet and preferred veterinarian information to High Paw! at the time of scheduling. High Paw! will not compensate the cost of treatment which stems from health issues which pet had before the care period began.


Pet Owner grants permission to High Paw! to use pictures of pet on marketing material and website. High Paw! will not compensate or provide royalties to Pet Owner for the use of such photo.


  • In the event which involves services that entails Boarding/Overnight Stays/, we demand that all payments in full amount stated on the invoice are made in a maximum of 1 week before the service commences (unless the request was made in a shorter period of time before).
  • When it comes to regular walking services or last minute requests, all invoices will be delivered after the service is done or at the end of the month.
  • The payment can be made to the bank account or by Mobile Pay (details are stated on the invoice).


Notice is requested and required for all cancellations of any service scheduled at any time.

Specific policy information is as follows:

  • The walk (in case of Dog Walking scheduled on a regular basis) can be cancelled without charging for it only if cancellation is made till max. 17:00 on the day before the expected walk; otherwise we charge the full amount specified or stated.
  • Please note that we will come for visits unless told otherwise, including during inclement weather. If pet parent is home during any scheduled visit, including Dog Walking, and has neglected to cancel, the full price of the service will be applied.
  • For all reservations for services like Overnight Stays, Boarding and Cat Sitting cancelled with less than 1 week notice, there is up to a 50% cancellation fee of entire invoice total.
    The other 50% of the amount will be given back to the owner’s bank account within 3 days after cancellation was made.
    With less than 72 hours notice, there is up to a 100% cancellation fee of entire invoice total.
  • For pet owners who wish to combine dog walking with other services like boarding or overnight stays on a monthly basis, we offer free cancellation up to 72 hours before the service begins.
  • *Note: All reservations including 1 or more pet sitting  visits are considered reservations and therefore subject to the Cancellation Policies.
    The reason for the cancellation fees is to compensate for any loss in income and make up for keeping the place and the Pet Sitter that is ready to take care of a pet and also to enhance the income of our pre-set day-care schedules in order to make a living/income.  Also, because of inadequate notice, there will not be enough opportunity to make alternative arrangements to pick up additional work to make up for the loss of income within the time slot that was originally reserved for Pet Owner’s scheduled service.


  • We solely reserve the right to change the prices on our website without prior notice, as well as add and remove the services from our offer without informing the client, therefore we recommend that our users and customer visit our site and check the current price list before ordering a service.
  • We take last minute called visits at no additional cost.
  • We charge 50% more for each service over holidays like the Christmas/New Year period (24.12-1.01) and also over Easter;
  • In case of Dog Walking service requested after 17:00 during the week and over the weekends, we charge 20% extra.
  • Please be aware that services such as Boarding and Extended Overnight Stays are not round-the-clock services; what we offer includes around 16h care. In the event of a request for 24h care, additional charges will apply. One full Boarding day or Extended Overnight Stay is counted from one given hour to the same hour on the next day, e.g. if the service starts at 10:00, the given amount will cover the care period until max. 10:00 on the next day; any extensions up to another night, will be charged 50% extra.


When dates are provided to request for service and the availability has been confirmed, the invoice for the service is sent. Once paid, it is assumed the pet parent has made a reservation.


Pet Owner acknowledges that all bookings for services, changes to services, cancellations, or additional day requests must be reported to High Paw! Pet Sitting Management,
Zuzanna Rybarczyk, and not to the assigned Pet Sitter.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 50253639