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Workshops and Lectures

Would you like to organize Zuzanna’s workshop/lecture in your vet clinic, grooming saloon, training school or other place to educate your clients and staff about dog behavior and Tellington TTouch® method? Or you have an interesting idea for a cooperation in this field?

Zuzanna does workshops regarding gentle dog handling dog behavior, including topics like: anxiety, aggression, reactivity, fear and others, based on positive training methods. Her focus is on the method called Tellington TTouch® which you can read more about HERE. She travels the world to upgrade her knowledge learning from the best teachers, like Linda Tellington-Jones, Turid Rugaas and Amber Batson.
Her passion and mission is to spread the right information with hope that myths which are still present in dog training world will stop being popularized.

You can read more about Zuzanna and her qualifications HERE.

Contact us for more details:
50 25 36 39 or [email protected]